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and Books
Basic-QWERTY Format Letterboard:
Large Letters in QWERTY or Keyboard format for individuals who
are learning or familiar with a computer keyboard or augmentive
communication device with keyboard format.  Numbers 1 - 0 also
featured on the face of the Letterboard.

Standard-sized (7.5" x 10")
Sturdy Vinyl-covered
PVC Plastic
$29.50 each
Writer's-QWERTY Format Letterboard:
Smaller-sized letters in QWERTY format .  Letters &
a selection of punctuation and writing options are
displayed in a grid pattern.  Excellent as a tool for
students, it allows the user to demonstrate a
knowledge of punctuation and grammar.   
Mathboard On the reverse of each Letterboard &
NOTE:  All items subject to availability.  We will contact you if back-ordering is necessary.
Travelboard (5.5" x 8.5")
Sturdy Vinyl-covered        
PVC Plastic
$21.50 each

"Sydney Edmond
has written beautiful
poetry.  The Purple
Tree shows that she
has a beautiful mind."

(see below)
The Purple Tree
. . . and other poems

Sydney Edmond

a book of poetry and prose
Forward by
Donna Williams

"Sydney is a whimsical character
and that whimsy flows through her poetry and
prose.   If you are in darkness,  here is a poetry book
to walk you back into the light.   If you have felt
deeply alone, here are the words of a comrade in that
aloneness.  If you have felt without hope, here are
words of inspiration from a character as inspiring
as the works she produces."

for example:

'Tree Outside My

There is a tree outside my window,
it's there for all to see;
but she knows
and I know,
she's there for only me.

She only speaks in whispers
that no one seems to hear,
but she knows
that I do
when night is drawing near.

I love our conversations,
they fill my heart with joy;
but she knows
that I know
they're just my wishful ploy.

I am the tree, it seems,
am really on my own;
but she knows,
so I know,
the seeds they have been sown.

Like her, I'll pass the test of time,
I'll ready, make my mark,
and she knows
what I know,
it started with a spark.


$14.95 each
Now Available to Purchase
Standard-sized (7.5" x 10")
Sturdy Vinyl-covered
PVC Plastic
$29.50 each
the purple tree and other poems