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Aut 2 Communicate
The exclusive source for Letterboards
Used widely by individuals with autism and/or movement disorders who
are non-verbal or limited-verbal to fully communicate and interact with
their family and community.  

It is our mission to enhance the possibility of full communication
and a richer life for all individuals with autism
and related disorders who cannot speak
or communicate meaningfully
with the people in their lives.  

Aut 2 Communicate
was born when I created and produced a
communication board that proved to be useful and effective for my
daughter, Sydney in learning and practicing the Rapid Prompting
Method.  Frustrated with not being able to find an existing, tried-and-true
Letterboard that would fit our needs, I designed our own using the
Basic-QWERTY format.  Later I produced them in three other formats
to meet the needs of other children and professionals.  

The Rapid Prompting Method was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay for
her own son, Tito who was diagnosed with autism and who, like many of
us, was given little hope for his future.  Soma's method was so successful
in allowing Tito to express himself that she was asked to teach it to
others.  As a result, multitudes of non-verbal autistic children have been
given the same opportunity as Tito to communicate and demonstrate
their intelligence.  To date, it has been studied, practiced and praised by
hundreds of parents and professionals in the field of autism.  For more
information about Soma and her teaching method, please go to


Six months after we began learning the Rapid Prompting Method,
Sydney was able to spell out words and short sentences on her
Letterboard and, to our delight, began working with  Soma  in her Los
Angeles clinic.  Soma  began using my Letterboards with Sydney and with
her other students as well.  Developed and refined over a two year
period, the Letterboards continue to be used with students in Soma's
clinic and also by many parents and professionals.

Lisa Davis Edmond

Letterboards copyright 2004    Sydney's Mom/Aut2Communicate

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