The following are testimonials or commentaries on how the
Letterboard has assisted individuals in their ability to com-
municate, learn and become an active decision-maker in
their own lives.  Thank you for sharing!

(All contributions are welcome!  Send your own to: Letterboards@yahoo.com)

From Ken Sokokski, Parent
"Using this Letterboard has opened up new avenues of
communication for Aaron.  Not only can he express his
desires, but he can also tell us about his thoughts which were
never accessible before.  This has been a joy and opened
doors for him and for us."

From Sharon Krauss, Parent
"The Letterboards that Sydney's Mom makes are perfect for
using at home and at school.  My son, Tyler uses the
Letterboard in his general education classroom - everything
from giving "oral" reports, to writing poetry, to doing
standardized testing.  The adults that use it with him - his
parents, his teachers and therapists - find the Letterboards
very easy to use to access Tyler's thoughts, hopes and

From Rohit Dixit, age:  9 years
"I liked the Letterboard very much.  It
helped me linking to others.  It also helped
me solving problems - numerical problems.  
It helped me to read and write.  I would like
to thank Soma Teacher for helping me."

From Jane Hinrichs, Parent
"The Letterboard just
                    arrived today.  It is perfect.                                 
                     My son, Hawken, was                                         
                     interested as soon as he saw it.                            
                     It is the perfect size - easy to
                    hold onto.   Thank you for                                  
                     making such a great product."

From Eileen Patterson, Parent
"Thank you so much for sending me the rollable board; it's
wonderful!  I don't have to worry about breaking it
and the matte finish is great, too!  Thank you so much!"

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Rohit Dixit
Hawken  "Hawk"  Hinrichs