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1.   Website for Information about
Rapid Prompting Method (R.P.M.)
and Soma & Tito Mukhopadhyay
c/o H.A.L.O. (Helping Autism
through Learning & Outreach
P.O. Box 303399
Austin, Texas 78703
Toll-free: (866)465-9595

                     2.  Information about Facilitated Communication
Facilitated Communication Institute (New York)
 DEAL Communication Center, Inc. (Australia)
                      3.  Darlene Hanson, MA, CCC, Speech Pathologist
                      Facilitated Communication Practitioner,
                      Therapist, Consultant and Advocate

                      practicing in Whittier, California

4.  Excellent work desk when using
Letterboards, stencils, or Dynawriter;
also ideal for presenting any materials.
Made by
Ameriwood Industries
and sold at Staples:  
Deluxe Lap Top Desk, Model No. 06596.
Sells for approximately $50.00.

5.  I have received many requests for
information about where to obtain
a Slantboard as shown in this photo of my daughter, Sydney.  I don't have     
source info for this particular board but you can                                                  
find other models that are similar at the following                                               
sites on the Internet: (or health by design)    

6.  Donna Williams' Website
Donna is the author of 9 (at last count) books about autism; everything from
her own experience living with autism, sensory processing issues, and how
parents and professionals can understand and assist those who struggle
with various symptoms.  She has been an invaluable resource and friend to
us through her writing and her consultation services.
Donna is located in Australia.

7.  Peggy Schaefer @ Metric Music Therapy
Service:  Neurological Music Therapy
Currently located in Whittier, CA with new locations on the horizon in
Orange County, CA and Los Angeles, CA.
We & many others have found this
to be a very effective therapy for
organizing the body and opening
up neural pathways that will allow
vocalizations and speech to occur.
And I don't know of a single client
who doesn't LOVE their sessions!!

AWE in Autism website
An excellent website featuring the
creative talents and stories of individuals who happen to be on the autism
spectrum.  Check out all the incredible paintings, drawings, poetry and prose, and
learn how these talents came to be realized.  A truly remarkable resource and
inspiration.   While you're there, read about Sydney's poetry:
9.  Autism Hangout website
Created and run by Craig Evans, this website is stocked full with articles
and web-interviews with individuals on the spectrum like Donna Williams,
Temple Grandin, and Stephen Shore and others who provide services,
products, or assistance for anyone who wants to learn more about living
with autism.  Check out Craig's skype interview with Melanie Vi Levy,
filmmaker of the documentary short, 'My Name is Sydney'.